Women in STEM Book Club

The WiSTEM Book Club was initiated and has been running since January 2019 by Dr Athina Frantzana. Her main goal is to bring STEM students and professionals together to share knowledge and experiences, network, and of course discuss a relevant book in a friendly atmosphere. Until March 2020 the gatherings were taking place at a popular Edinburgh Bookshop, and since then they have been moved online. The first event (discussing “Inferior” by Angela Saini) was quickly sold out, which made the interest and need for such a club clear by the STEM community. It was followed by many successful gatherings that received fantastic feedback!

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First Women in STEM Book Club gathering, January 2019, Lighthouse Bookshop, Edinburgh, UK

Athina made me feel welcome and comfortable to have a nurturing discussion about women in STEM, thank you!

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The successful Women in STEM Book Club is having a break!

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I liked being able to interact with women from different parts of the world. And realise (…) that the commonality of experiences we share as women transcends boundaries!

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WiSTEM Book Club Code of Conduct

Please note: this event is not a presentation/lecture type event. It’s a discussion, and everyone is encouraged to participate. It’s about sharing knowledge and experiences, networking and supporting. Dr Frantzana’s role is to moderate the conversation by asking key questions and making sure everyone’s voice is heard. 

If you decide to join us, please unmute yourself, put your camera on (optional), introduce yourself and participate in the discussion. If you cannot use your microphone or have your camera on for any reason, please use the chatroom to share your thoughts with us. If you have not read the book by the time of the event, you are welcome to join and participate. The conversation, most of the times, ends up moving around the book’s topic, so you can always add to it if you know your stuff!

Additionally, the meeting room will be locked about 20 minutes after the event starts to avoid interrupting the conversation. So, please join 5 minutes before the start of the event so we can be on time and without interruptions.

Please, be kind and respect everyone’s opinion. Any discriminatory or bullying behaviour will not be tolerated and you will be banned from the event and the book club. Thank you.