Equality, Diversity & Inclusion

and Mentoring Solutions in STEM

If you are here looking to arrange a “quick fix” for your workplace’s Diversity & Inclusion status with a one-off Unconscious Bias training and claim that you did your bit for equality, then you are at the wrong place, but thanks for stopping by.

If you want to invest in strategies and practices in order to transform your workplace into a diverse and inclusive environment where all the members of staff are equal and safe and they feel that they belong, and hence achieve sustainably high productivity and performance, then..


Spread the Word believes in the power of Equality, Diversity & Inclusion and the positive outcomes an inclusive environment, that respects diversity and provides equal opportunities and sense of belonging, can bring to people’s life and to performance and productivity levels.

Spread the Word uses innovative and evidence-based practices tailored to the workplace’s needs and objectives. Evaluating and educating are keys to our successful approach for REAL CHANGE.

Here is what Spread the Word can offer:

Strategies & Consultation

Training & Workshops

Mentoring & Coaching

Conferences & Panels


Spread the Word is founded by Dr Athina Frantzana, who is an EDI and mentoring in STEM specialist and researcher.

Spread the Word is based in Scotland (UK), but cοuld deliver services all over the world.

Get in touch: hello@spreadthewordstem.co.uk

Diversity is the mix.

Inclusion is making the mix work.

– Andres Tapia