Managing Imposter Syndrome & Confidence Coaching

Do you often think that your success is due to pure luck?
That you were just in the right place at the right time?
If yes, then it’s very likely that you suffer from Imposter Syndrome.

Does any of these phrases remind you of yourself:

I have to be great at everything” ; “If things are not perfect, I am a failure” ; “I cannot ask for help because that would show what a fake I am” ; “I am not qualified enough, other people know more than me” ?

Then let me help you!

Managing Imposter Syndrome & Self-Confidence Coaching 7-week Program

This 7-week program gives you 40-min weekly coaching sessions for 7 weeks, tasks and activities, unlimited resources and communication by email with your coach. After this intense program you will be able to manage your Imposter Syndrome feelings, boost your self-love and self-worth, and increase the confidence in yourself in order to achieve your goals and succeed.


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After the 7 weeks I had a better understanding of how my own view on my ability may be impacting my work.

Identifying Imposter Syndrome and its intensity and type in myself was useful and I will continue to employ the strategies I learned for managing it.

Identifying my strengths and weaknesses and how my strengths can solve my weaknesses was also super helpful.

– 7-week Program Coachee

Managing Imposter Syndrome – Group Workshop*

This 90-min group workshop helps you identify your Imposter Syndrome and equips you with ways to manage it and boost your self-confidence through a variety of activities and tasks. It includes resources and a Q&A session. *The group workshop is available for up to 50 people. For more than 50 people, please get in touch either by sending a message or booking a free 15-min consultation call (see below).


The Imposter Syndrome workshop was incredibly useful to explain my own feelings that I did not originally believe were due to Imposter Syndrome; since then I have been able to manage myself much better!

– Workshop Attendee

I really liked that it was informative but also interactive and you could learn something about yourself by filling out the forms.

Also, I like that you provided more material to follow up on the session.

– Workshop Attendee

Student discount available: Please get in touch before making any purchases (does not apply on items on offer).

Please note: all sessions and workshops currently take place online until further notice.