Managing Imposter Syndrome and Self-Confidence Coaching Program

Do you often think that your success is due to pure luck?
That you are not good enough? That you have to be perfect at everything?
If yes, it’s very likely that you suffer from Imposter Syndrome.

Then let me help you!

This 7-week program gives you 40-min weekly coaching sessions for 7 weeks, tasks and activities, unlimited resources and communication by email with your coach.

After this intense program you will be able to manage your Imposter Syndrome feelings, boost your self-love and self-worth, and increase the confidence in yourself in order to achieve your goals and succeed.

More specifically, through a mix of coaching, tasks and activities you will:

  • recognise your Imposter feelings and identify the type of Imposter you are in order to find tailored-to-you-ways to manage your Imposter Syndrome (weeks 1-2);
  • identify your strengths and weaknesses, and learn how to use them for your benefit (weeks 3-4);
  • establish your personalised tools and methods to manage your Imposter Syndrome and boost your self-confidence (weeks 5-6);
  • evaluate your progress and focus on future steps (week 7).

Athina is a great coach, and the program covers all areas related to Imposter Syndrome and offers concrete steps and exercises to help you understand and change your situation.

What I particularly liked was the possibility to discuss and analyse ongoing urgent topics related to my self-perception as a developer. It is a flexible program I highly recommend!.”

— Maria Lekkou, Software Engineer

If you register to this program, you will also receive:

  • a bonus progress assessment coaching session after completing the program;
  • access to the program’s material for 2 months after completing the program;
  • 15% discount on future purchases from Spread the Word;
  • unlimited contact with your coach via email.

“This is a very well-organized program.

The assignments and summary after [each] session are very helpful to explore and get to know myself better.

Athina, my coach, is very understanding and […] I found her response and feedback of my assignment[s] eye-opening.”

– Ben, Lead Data Architect

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Managing Imposter Syndrome & Self-Confidence Coaching Program

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Please note: all sessions are currently taking place online until further notice.

I really enjoyed my sessions with Athina. She is friendly and understanding and professional.

I felt Athina really listened to what parts of my development mattered to me, and the tasks she set for me were manageable for each week.

After the 7 weeks I had a better understanding of how my own view on my ability may be impacting my work.

Identifying Imposter Syndrome and its intensity and type in myself was useful and I will continue to employ the strategies I learned for managing it.

Identifying my strengths and weaknesses and how my strengths can solve my weaknesses was also super helpful.”

— Natalie Sinclair, PhD Student

If you have any questions about this program, please get in touch by sending a message or by booking a free 15-minute consultation call.