Inclusive Recruitment

What are the stages for achieving Inclusive Recruitment?
How can you attract and retain Diversity and Inclusion in your workplace?

We particularly encourage applications from women of colour and ethnic minority groups.

This kind of sentence is very often included at the end of a job advert, and even if a workplace has the best intentions using them, this approach can be problematic.


Let’s have a think:

🔹How might a woman of colour feel when she reads this advert?
“Does this mean that there are no other women of colour in this workplace?” “Am I going to be a diversity token?” “Will I fit in?”

🔹 How might a white woman that does not belong in a minority group feel?
“If I apply for this job and a woman of colour applies too, she will get the job.” “This workplace does not seem to have been really diverse”.

🔹 How might a white man feel?
“This workplace seems to be white male dominated, so I will fit in.”

Does this really help getting applications from the targeted groups?

There are many other ways of advertising your vacancy in order to attract people from underrepresented groups at your workplace without creating these feelings. 

Start by making sure that your workplace is READY to welcome and include people from underrepresented groups.

Research so far has shown that:
🔸 Just setting up quotas and targets won’t work;
🔸 Just creating an advert with gender neutral language won’t work;
🔸 Just offering a short one-off Unconscious Bias training to the members of the interview panel won’t work;
🔸 Just using a software that minimises the biases on the shortlisting process won’t work.

Inclusion needs to be considered and applied throughout the full cycle of the recruiting process:

  1. Preparation and evaluation of the workplace
  2. Job advertising
  3. Shortlisting process
  4. Interviewing
  5. Selection
    And close the cycle by welcoming the newly recruited members of staff through the preparation stage.

In order to achieve Equality, Diversity and Inclusion in your workplace and receive the full advantages of a diverse and inclusive environment, you need to follow a holistic strategy where EDI is embedded in every aspect and function of the workplace.

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