Mentoring Scheme Package & Services

Spread the Word offers a variety of services regarding mentoring and mentoring schemes to individuals, groups of people, and companies and organisations.

Introduction to Mentoring – Training for Mentors & Mentees (available to groups only)

This is a 90 min group training for a mix of mentors and mentees aiming to introduce them to the world of mentoring. This training clarifies the definition of mentoring, the requirements and the process, the roles and expectations of both parties, tips and advice. It also includes short activities and a Q+A session.

How to build a successful Mentoring Scheme – Mentoring Scheme Management Training (available to individuals only)

This 90 min training is for people who wish to set up a mentoring scheme in their workplace. The mentoring manager or coordinator will learn the right steps to set up a complete mentoring scheme, and will understand their important role for this scheme to be successful. This includes: matching process, tracking process, problem solving, documentation, data management, and evaluation. The training includes activities, resources and consultation.

How to become a Master Mentor – Intensive Training for Mentors (available to individuals or groups)

This 90 min training is for people who want to become mentors but are unsure of how to do it in the most effective way that will benefit both parties. The Master Mentor will learn the best methods and techniques to lead a successful mentoring relationship to the desirable outcome. The training includes activities, resources and consultation/Q+A session.

How to get the most out of Mentoring – Intensive Training for Mentees (available to individuals or groups)

This 60 min training offers to mentees a better understanding of what to demand and expect from their mentors, effective ways of asking for advice, receiving feedback and developing their mentoring relationship. The training includes activities, resources and consultation/Q+A session.

Mentoring Scheme Package

This package is for companies or organisations that wish to set up a successful and effective Mentoring Scheme for their workplace. The package includes services to be delivered within a year’s time, making sure the mentoring scheme is set up and running:

  • Introduction to Mentoring Training
  • Mentoring Scheme Management Training
  • Training for mentors and mentees
  • Handbooks
  • Resources & Consultation
Handbooks for Mentors and Mentees

These two handbooks are carefully composed to provide guidance to both mentors and mentees throughout their mentoring journey. Each handbook includes tips and advice for each step and stage of the mentoring relationship, techniques and methods, list of questions and other useful documentation. Each handbook is included in the respective mentor or mentee training service (How to become a Master Mentor, How to get the most out of Mentoring), and the Mentoring Scheme Package. They can be added to other services for extra cost.

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