Workplace EDI Evaluation

– “Do you think your workplace is diverse?”
Employee: “No, we are all white straight men..”

– “Do you think your workplace is inclusive? And why?”
Employee: “I think yes.. I feel included.”

– “Are there clear policies against discrimination and harassment, and procedures fair to all?”
Employee: “No.. I am not sure.”

🔸 How do you view your workplace as inclusive if it is not diverse and if there are no clear policies that support this statement?

🔸 When a workplace has no diversity, can it be truly inclusive if people from underrepresented groups get hired?

🔸 Is your workplace ready to be diverse and inclusive?

EDI Evaluation of your workplace is the best way to answer these questions and the first step towards the right direction.

This service gives you a clear picture of your workplace’s EDI status and policies by producing an analysis report through a variety of evaluation methods, and offers you consultation on next steps.

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