Equality, Diversity & Inclusion (EDI) and Unconscious Bias (UB)


Un-Learn & De-Bias (UB) Workshop

Unconscious Bias (UB) should never be an excuse for discrimination. Many organisations and workplaces have been offering UB training that usually aims to reassure people that everybody has biases that are implicit, and if by any chance one is prejudiced against a specific group of people (i.e. women in STEM), it is due to their unintentional bias towards that group usually caused by stereotypes.

But, is this enough?

How much has this type of training helped reduce or eliminate discrimination and inequality? Being aware of your biases could be a step forward, but what you really need to be aware of is the discriminatory behaviour deriving from those biases and the tools to overcome them. And this is what we are going to investigate in this workshop!

This workshop is one-hour long and interactive with exercises and discussion taking place.

“It was really informative and has given me important homework on understanding my own bias and how to tackle situations where someone’s thoughts/behaviour should be challenged.”

Un-Learn & De-Bias Workshop Participant, University of Edinburgh

Un-Learn & De-Bias (UB) and Introduction to Equality, Diversity & Inclusion (EDI) Workshop

This two-hour long introductory session to EDI and UB sets the foundations for further training and action, and it has interactive nature that encourages all attendees to participate.

The Un-Learn & De-Bias (UB) training session is offered in order to raise awareness on biases and how they can impact every day- and work-life. This one-hour long session consists of 3 parts: Awareness, Impact & Consequences, and Strategies.

The EDI session is offered in order for the participant to understand and be able to identify discrimination better, and to learn how to become a more inclusive person and an ally/advocate of EDI in workplace and in life. By using real life examples and activities this one-hour long session discusses why it happens, why it matters, and what we can do about it.

By the end of the two-hour session, the participants will be able to use the tools and practices they learnt in order to identify their own and others’ biases, to challenge and eliminate biased and discriminatory behaviours, to be inclusive individuals and create an inclusive environment.

“The material was presented in a very thoughtful manner.

It brought forward thoughts and emotions from the group that energized people to learn more.”

– UB and EDI Workshop Participant, Nexthink Company

UB & EDI Ultimate Package

The Ultimate Package includes: the introductory workshop, and a series of seven training sessions that cover all core types of biases and intersections. This service can be entirely tailored to the needs and objectives of your workplace. It is recommended to be delivered after the EDI Evaluation of your workplace, and throughout a year’s time for maximum Un-Learn & De-Bias effect.

“This workshop was great!

Very thought provoking and intellectually stimulating content, but with a relaxed atmosphere that allowed me and the other participants to talk honestly on matters that would sometimes be uncomfortable to talk about.

I think more people should experience this type of workshop!”

– Un-Learn & De-Bias Workshop Participant

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