Why Inclusive Conferences?

Conferences are traditionally the main meeting hubs of individuals and/or companies in a certain field. Studies (including Dr Frantzana’s study) have shown that men dominate conference visibility, as they are more likely to request a talk than a poster, more likely to be invited as speakers, and more likely to publish papers. This gender difference in visibility has a negative impact on women’s recognition and progress in their field, and restrains women from specialising and becoming experts of their discipline

Specifically, through her research Dr Frantzana found that women were fewer than men in all the categories of conference participation that she examined. On average, she found: 9% paper authors, 0-1 female invited speakers for every 4 male invited speakers, 7%-12% female poster authors, 1 female workshop or tutorial presenter for every 8-11 male presenters.

And of course, the lack of diversity and inclusion at conferences goes beyond gender.

How Spread the Word can help

Consultation & Evaluation

This service provides you with guidance on every step of organising, executing, and evaluating an inclusive conference/event. Resources and/or evaluation analysis report are also available.

Inclusive Conference/Event – Full Package

This package covers every aspect of a conference/event from planning to evaluating it, and every aspect of inclusion from venue and speakers to name badges and food options.

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