Spread the Word is the “child” of years of research and experience on EDI and mentoring in STEM by Dr Athina Frantzana.

Research and Caffeine = the Story of my Life. Read my Thesis
Keynote Talk at Europython 2019, Basel, CH. Watch
“Inclusion” Panel Discussion, February 2020, Code Base, Edinburgh, UK. Watch

Athina Frantzana, PhD

EDI & Mentoring in STEM Specialist-Researcher, Founder of Spread the Word

With a STEM background and a passion for Equality, Diversity & Inclusion, my life’s purpose is to make this world a more inclusive and better place for everyone, with equal rights and opportunities, and respect and admiration for diversity.

At Spread the Word I do not encourage superficial and ineffective “box-ticking” practices; I work with people who want to make real change. That’s why for my strategies and training, I use innovative, as well as evidence-based methods tailored to the needs of the individual or the workplace.

Who I am & What I do:

My PhD thesis forms the first step to understand women’s representation and experiences within the advanced computing community and suggests solutions to tackle the barriers causing the gender gap in STEM.

I have participated in many local and international conferences as a keynote speaker, paper and poster presenter, workshop leader, and organising committee member. Highlights include my keynote talk at Europython 2019 in Basel (CH), my talk at Gender Summit 6 in Seoul (South Korea), and sitting as the Director of Outreach at the first student-run Women in Tech Conference in 2018 (Edinburgh, UK) and as the Inclusivity Training Chair at the Supercomputing Conference 2021 (SC21, USA).

I have also participated in many panel discussions and have written articles, reviews, research papers, and reports for a variety of topics, purposes, audiences and media platforms.

I have initiated and worked on award-winning outreach and public engagement projects and events aiming to bring Science and Technology closer to everyone, regardless gender, age or background.

I am also a mentoring expert with a thorough research on the subject. As a firm believer in the impact of mentoring on people’s life and career, I have set up successful mentoring schemes and trained several mentors within industry and academia.

My work at Spread the Word includes:

Strategic Planning & Management
Evaluation & Research
Workshops & Training
Mentoring & Coaching
Keynotes & Panel Discussions

“Dr Frantzana has a great passion for Equality, Diversity and Inclusion which shows through her enthusiasm for her work.

For the past two years, Athina has supported us through every step of the process to set-up and coordinate the EUWiSTEM mentoring scheme, helping us to understand what makes a mentoring scheme effective and providing training to all our participants.

We have also worked with Dr Frantzana to host a series of EDI workshops for students. Athina is well organised and every one of her workshops has been engaging and informative; students especially rave about the Imposter Syndrome workshop!”

– Sarah Lappin, President of EUWiSTEM 2020/21

Other Projects & Collaborations

Edinburgh University Women in STEM Collaboration. Read more
Women in STEM book club. Read more
Ada Lovelace Day & Wikimedia UK. Watch
Writing for EUSci Magazine as a member of ABSW. Read my articles.
1st Prize at The Gamechangers for Diversity in STEM at The Alan Turing Institute, London, UK. Read the report.
Writing for the Student Newspaper as a Certified Edinburgh Fringe and Book Festival Reviewer. Read my reviews. (Image: Rosalind Franklin, via Flickr)

“Great speaker – really clear, informed and generous.”

– Un-Learn & De-Bias Workshop Participant

“I really enjoyed my sessions with Athina. She is friendly and understanding and professional.

I felt Athina really listened to what parts of my development mattered to me, and the tasks she set for me were manageable for each week.”

– Natalie Sinclair,
PhD Student and Confidence Coachee

Fun Facts

I love animals and nature! I am vegan and a proud parent of a dog, that I rescued from the streets of Greece, and of many flowers and plants!

I love crafting, cooking, and collecting old books, records and ornaments.

I am a qualified dancer and I have performed and taught dance for many years.

I am also a vintage and ethical fashion lover and activist.

I don’t hide my geeky side, being a Sci-Fi, comics and card games enthusiast!

Let’s Spread the Word!